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Travelling is…

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Travelling is leaving home,
it’s leaving friends,
it’s trying to fly.
It’s flying to see other parts,
taking different paths,
it is trying to change.

Travelling is wearing crazy clothes,
it’s saying “I don’t care”,
it’s the desire to return.
Returning, valuing the small things,
tasting a cup,
it´s the desire to begin.

Travelling is feeling like a poet,
it’s writing a letter,
it’s wanting to hug.
It’s hugging at the arrival to a port,
it’s missing the calmness,
it’s letting someone kiss you.

Travelling is returning to the mundane,
it’s meeting other people,
it’s returning to the beginning.
Beginning to extend your hand,
learning from the strong,
it’s feeling alone.

Travelling is leaving home,
wearing crazy clothes,
saying everything and nothing
with a post card.
It’s sleeping in another bed,
feeling that time is short,
travelling is returning.

-Gabriel Garcia Márquez


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