Day 4 and 2 weeks break.
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Day 4 and 2 weeks break.

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My first days testing the trip where wonderful. I enjoy it and learn a lot to optimise several different things. The most important: reduce load. I was conscious that I was biking overloaded, and in fact, my bicycle cycles more or less unstable, even if I was within the maximum load defined by the manufacture. But I had a lot of stuffs that I carried because I couldn’t let them in Switzerland.
On day 4 I reached close to Oetztal-Bahnhof almost in Austria my caravan (my home sweet home) where I could unpack my panniers and reorder them with just elementary gare.

Everything is respecting the plan, unless this 2 weeks break. (planed was a layover of 4 or 5 days) here in Leutasch in Tirol, where I usually have my home-base. Roberto, my very good friend needs a helping hand in his Hotel and me, need few more days to organise some bureaucratic matters.

This decision wasn’t easy to take, nonetheless, will be probably the best for me.
Restarting about April 1st. I will keep you informed again about biking 4 happiness and it’s progress.

As I wrote at the beginning, the journey is the reward.

A short review of the last 4 days:

hope you enjoy it!


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